RFR: 8207263: Store the Configuration for system modules into CDS archive

Jiangli Zhou jiangli.zhou at oracle.com
Mon Aug 6 17:10:04 UTC 2018

Hi Claes,

Thanks for filing JDK-8209003 
(https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8209003)! I'll look into 
archiving the immutable singletons in ImmutableCollections.

Thanks again!!


On 8/4/18 9:22 AM, Claes Redestad wrote:
> Hi,
> Jiangli and I discussed a subtle issue with the archiving changes here 
> last week (she's currently on vacation, and I was at JVMLS this week, 
> so it was never brought to the list, sorry!)
> Basically: the empty configuration uses things like 
> Collections.emptySet(), which means it will end up deserializing an 
> object from the archive that doesn't (necessarily) have the same 
> identity as the object retrieved from direct uses of 
> Collection.emptySet().
> Same goes for the Set.of()/Map.of()/List.of() singletons which might 
> now already exist at runtime in two versions since the change to 
> archive ModuleDescriptors. Oops!
> This glitch is probably fine semantically for most intents and 
> purposes, but could lead to some unnecessary inefficiencies and 
> theoretically real surprises/bugs, so we probably need to ensure that 
> all singletons we serialize retain the property that they are 
> identical to the object a caller of the respective getter would receive.
> I think this can be deferred to a must-fix follow-up, mainly since 
> there's some benefit in first cleaning up a few things here first:
> - currently we have uses of both Collections.emptyFoo() and Foo.of() 
> in the ModuleDescriptor/Configuration code
> - to be correct, we thus need to archive the Collections.emptyFoo() 
> singletons *and* the various java.util.ImmutableCollections ones
> - if we first consolidated all uses of Collections.emptyFoo() to 
> Foo.of() (in java.lang.module), we'd only need to archive the 
> immutable singletons in java.util.ImmutableCollections
> Consolidating to Foo.of() was actually already being considered 
> anyway, so I'll go ahead with a separate RFE..
> Thanks!
> /Claes
> On 2018-07-20 20:31, Jiangli Zhou wrote:
>> Many thanks to Alan and Claes for discussions and contributions to 
>> this change!
>> Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~jiangli/8207263/webrev.00/

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