RFR: 8207263: Store the Configuration for system modules into CDS archive

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Mon Aug 6 18:42:58 UTC 2018

On 04/08/2018 17:22, Claes Redestad wrote:
> Hi,
> Jiangli and I discussed a subtle issue with the archiving changes here 
> last week (she's currently on vacation, and I was at JVMLS this week, 
> so it was never brought to the list, sorry!)
> Basically: the empty configuration uses things like 
> Collections.emptySet(), which means it will end up deserializing an 
> object from the archive that doesn't (necessarily) have the same 
> identity as the object retrieved from direct uses of 
> Collection.emptySet().
> Same goes for the Set.of()/Map.of()/List.of() singletons which might 
> now already exist at runtime in two versions since the change to 
> archive ModuleDescriptors. Oops!
> This glitch is probably fine semantically for most intents and 
> purposes, but could lead to some unnecessary inefficiencies and 
> theoretically real surprises/bugs, so we probably need to ensure that 
> all singletons we serialize retain the property that they are 
> identical to the object a caller of the respective getter would receive.
> I think this can be deferred to a must-fix follow-up, mainly since 
> there's some benefit in first cleaning up a few things here first:
> - currently we have uses of both Collections.emptyFoo() and Foo.of() 
> in the ModuleDescriptor/Configuration code
> - to be correct, we thus need to archive the Collections.emptyFoo() 
> singletons *and* the various java.util.ImmutableCollections ones
> - if we first consolidated all uses of Collections.emptyFoo() to 
> Foo.of() (in java.lang.module), we'd only need to archive the 
> immutable singletons in java.util.ImmutableCollections
It's good to bring this up. I don't think there is a real issue right 
now but it is a lurking hazard. As I recall, we started out in 
java.lang.module long before the immutable collections were added so 
this is why it has been using Collections.emptyXXX(). There shouldn't be 
any issues changing all these usages to XXX.of().

A discussion for core-libs-dev but I wonder if we could get to the point 
where emptyXXX() and XXX.of() returns the same empty collection so that 
we don't have any issues elsewhere.


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