RFR(S): 8195691: AIX build broken after 8194312

Kim Barrett kim.barrett at oracle.com
Fri Jan 19 18:20:05 UTC 2018

> On Jan 19, 2018, at 8:45 AM, Doerr, Martin <martin.doerr at sap.com> wrote:
> Hi Kim,
> thanks a lot for the detailed explanations.
> 1. Unfortunately, the friend proposal didn't help.

Drat.  But wait. The suggestion I sent you was probably insufficient.  Probably also need (AIX conditional) “friend class TestAccess;” after the declaration of TestAccess.

If that doesn’t work (or even if it does, but you decide to use the conditional non-private approach anyway), please add (unconditional) “private:” before the data member declarations in OopStorage, so that we’re not making the entire OopStorage class public on AIX, but only the parts that need to be.

> 2. The const proposal didn't work, either:
> test/hotspot/gtest/gc/shared/test_oopStorage.cpp", line 1203.13: 1540-0274 (S) The name lookup for "NULL_BLOCK" did not find a declaration.

I don’t understand this.  Was there some earlier error message on the declaration of NULL_BLOCK?

> You're right, that OopBlock* should be used. I have changed that and moved the macro below the typedef.

Okay, subject to understanding why the const declaration didn’t work.

> I have also added some comments which you have suggested.


> I have uploaded a new webrev here:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mdoerr/8195691_fix_AIX_build/webrev.01/
> Please review and push it when it's ok.

I’ll sponsor.

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