RFR: 8195690: JNI GetObjectRefType doesn't handle NULL

Kim Barrett kim.barrett at oracle.com
Tue Jan 23 02:20:56 UTC 2018

> On Jan 22, 2018, at 8:51 PM, David Holmes <david.holmes at oracle.com> wrote:
> On 23/01/2018 11:22 AM, Kim Barrett wrote:
>>> On Jan 22, 2018, at 5:29 PM, David Holmes <david.holmes at oracle.com> wrote:
>>> Hi Kim,
>>> As a general rule JNI does not do argument checking. You pass crud then you may crash:
>>> "The programmer must not pass illegal pointers or arguments of the wrong type to JNI functions. Doing so could result in arbitrary consequences, including a corrupted system state or VM crash."
>>> https://docs.oracle.com/javase/9/docs/specs/jni/design.html#reporting-programming-errors
>> GetObjectRefType is specified to return JNIInvalidRefType when called with a NULL argument:
>> https://docs.oracle.com/javase/9/docs/specs/jni/functions.html#getobjectreftype
> Sorry - yes this specific case is covered and should not crash on NULL.
> The fix looks good. The related asserts etc look good.


> The only comment I have is os.cpp:
> +  // Handle NULL first, so later checks don't need to protect against it.
> +  if (addr == NULL) {
> +    st->print_cr(PTR_FORMAT " is NULL", p2i(addr));
> +    return;
> +  }
> p2i(NULL) will always be zero so this could be simplified.

Yeah, a little too much copy-paste there.  I’ll change that to print the literal string “0x0 is NULL”, or something similar.

> Currently for 0 we would hit:
> 1141   st->print_cr(INTPTR_FORMAT " is an unknown value", p2i(addr));
> which seems reasonable even for the zero case - after all we're not dealing with pointers here but just register values that may have a mapping into memory.

We don’t get that far without problems now, because of the calls to the various JNIHandles predicates that require a non-NULL argument.

> But that all said, what you have is adequate.
> Thanks,
> David
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