RFR 8202171: Some oopDesc functions compare this with NULL

coleen.phillimore at oracle.com coleen.phillimore at oracle.com
Tue Jul 17 21:38:00 UTC 2018

Hi Harold,

Looking at this change, I would like us to keep the nonstatic print() 
and print_on(outputStream*) functions because other Metadata and types 
within the jvm have these functions.  I think the few places where the 
oop can be NULL at the caller should be checked instead and remove the 
this == NULL check in the oopDesc::print_on() function.  Most places 
already do check for NULL.  The verify function seems fine to make a 
static member function though.

I agree with Kim that there are other places where "this" is compared to 
NULL which shouldn't be done, and we should file separate RFEs to deal 
with them, specifically Method::is_valid_method() and 
Metadata::print_{value_}on_maybe_null() functions.


On 7/16/18 3:24 PM, Harold David Seigel wrote:
> Hi,
> Please review this JDK-12 fix for bug JDK-8202171.  The fix changes a 
> few functions in oop.cpp into static functions to avoid comparisons 
> between 'this' and NULL.
> Open Webrev: 
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~hseigel/bug_8202171/webrev/index.html
> JBS Bug:  https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8202171
> This fix was regression tested by running Mach5 tiers 1 and 2 tests 
> and builds on Linux-X64, Windows, Solaris Sparc, and Mac OS X, running 
> tiers 3-5 tests on Linux-x64, and by running JCK-11 Lang and VM tests 
> on Linux-x64.
> Thanks, Harold

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