RFR(S): 8204268: Improve some InompatibleClassChangeError messages.

Lindenmaier, Goetz goetz.lindenmaier at sap.com
Mon Jun 4 09:38:17 UTC 2018


This change improves some IncompatibleClassChangeError messages by printing the classes involved 
and adds tests for the messages. It also improves the existing test for IncompatibleClassChangeErrorMessages, 
e.g. by assuring packages are printed with '.'. I'm using class_loader_and_module_name() for printing the 
class names. 


Changes to the messages:

1. If a class is loaded requiring an interface that's already loaded as class:


Implementing class


Class test.ICC3_B implements test.ICC3_A, which is not an interface

2. If a class is loaded requiring a super class that's already loaded as interface.
Implemented a test. Message unchanged:

class test.ICC4_B has interface test.ICC4_iA as super class

3. If an interface method is called but the class of the object at runtime
does not implement the interface. There was no message before.


Can not call method because resolved class test.ICC5_B does not implement the interface test.ICC4_iA defining the method.

No test implemented for this message

Feel free to propose better message.

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