RFR (S): 8204668: Cleanup management of the java.vm.info System property

Chris Plummer chris.plummer at oracle.com
Tue Jun 12 22:29:17 UTC 2018

Ok. Changes look good to me.



On 6/12/18 2:37 PM, David Holmes wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Thanks for looking at this.
> On 13/06/2018 3:52 AM, Chris Plummer wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> Is there a reason you moved the PropertyList_add() call to a slightly 
>> later point?
> Just following the existing pattern in that method: define the 
> SystemProperty objects, then later add them.
>> You moved the Arguments::update_vm_info_property() call up a bit. How 
>> did you decide exactly how early it can be called without risk of 
>> other flags changing?
> Trial and error. I originally thought it was safe to do this once all 
> the argument processing was complete: ergo changes, OS changes etc. 
> But in fact the two flags we are concerned with do not get their final 
> value until somewhere deep in init_globals(). If I put the update 
> before init_globals() then it had the wrong value; if I put it after 
> then it was correct. The main thing was to move it before the 
> initialization of the system classes which would push the value 
> through to the Java side.
> Thanks,
> David
>> thanks,
>> Chris
>> On 6/12/18 2:56 AM, David Holmes wrote:
>>> Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8204668
>>> webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~dholmes/8204668/webrev/
>>> JDK-8203329 fixed a problem where the native system property for the 
>>> vm.info string was not updated after argument parsing, resulting in 
>>> JVM TI reporting an incorrect value.
>>> Looking at the overall approach for this property it can be 
>>> simplified quite a bit. The basic issue is that it is initialized 
>>> early in VM startup (so it can be present for crash logs) before 
>>> argument parsing, but some details can change due to argument 
>>> parsing. If we update the native value immediately after argument 
>>> parsing, and so before the properties are passed through to the Java 
>>> side, then we don't need to execute the Java code in reset_vm_info() 
>>> to perform that update. Additionally, if we expose the 
>>> SystemProperty directly (as done for other properties) then we can 
>>> do away with the new PropertyList_update_value() function that has 
>>> to search for the property to be updated.
>>> Overall this cuts out a chunk of initialization code that may aid 
>>> with startup costs; and simplifies the code.
>>> There's some additional history in the bug report.
>>> Testing:
>>>   - tier 1, 2, 3
>>>   - regression test from JDK-8203329:
>>>      - 
>>> serviceability/jvmti/GetSystemProperty/JvmtiGetSystemPropertyTest.java
>>> Thanks,
>>> David

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