RFR(XS): 8229236: CriticalJNINatives: dll handling should be done in native thread state

David Holmes david.holmes at oracle.com
Thu Aug 8 23:41:28 UTC 2019

On 9/08/2019 9:23 am, dean.long at oracle.com wrote:
> Do you want to skip the dll lookup if 
> method->is_method_handle_intrinsic() is true?  Otherwise looks good.

I'm not familiar with this code so did not know what the refactoring 
would look like, but this seems to do the lookup much earlier and 
potentially unnecessarily ?


> dl
> On 8/8/19 9:05 AM, Doerr, Martin wrote:
>> Hi Dean and David,
>> thanks for your feedback.
>>> Hi Martin.  Making an exception for this code makes me a little
>>> nervous.  It looks like with a little refactoring the problem could go
>>> way: move the call to method->critical_native_function() up into
>>> AdapterHandlerLibrary::create_native_wrapper() before the lock is 
>>> entered.
>> I had already thought about this. Disadvantage is that several threads 
>> can perform the same dll lookup concurrently.
>> But I guess we can live with that.
>>> Further, doing I/O while holding a lock seems like a bad idea anyway, so
>>> if this call can be done before the lock is acquired as Dean suggested,
>>> I think that would be a much better solution.
>> I'm not convinced that it's always a bad idea to hold a lock while 
>> performing I/O.
>> At least if the duration is not completely unpredictable and the lock 
>> is not used for anything critical, it may be ok.
>> But I don't like the exception to allow a lock only for this case, 
>> either.
>> Here's the new version:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mdoerr/8229236_critNat_resolution/webrev.01/
>> Please review.
>> Best regards,
>> Martin

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