RFR 8191890: Biased locking still uses the inferior stop the world safepoint for revocation

Patricio Chilano patricio.chilano.mateo at oracle.com
Sun Jul 7 19:09:13 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Below is the webrev for v05. This is just v04 on top of a new baseline 
that includes the backout of 8221734 and other changes made to 
biasedLocking code by 8225702 and 8225344.
The only difference between v05 and v04 is the use of 
SafepointSynchronize::safepoint_id() instead of 
SafepointSynchronize::safepoint_counter() introduced by 8225702, and not 
having to remove method BiasedLocking::revoke_own_locks_in_handshake() 
and to edit method Deoptimization::revoke_using_handshake() which were 
actually removed by the backout of 8221734.

Full Webrev:

Tested with tiers1-7. Running another round now.


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