RFR [S]: 8227527: LogDecorations should lazily resolve host name

Claes Redestad claes.redestad at oracle.com
Thu Jul 11 12:46:19 UTC 2019

Hi Thomas,

On 2019-07-10 22:15, Thomas Stüfe wrote:
> Hi Claes,
> This looks all very good.


> My only remark is not directed at your patch, but I would prefer 
> diagnostic code like logging not to crash at a native OOM (I refer to 
> the strdup), but rather handle it gracefully, e.g. by just printing 
> "???" as hostname.

since this os::strdup_check_oom is used throughout the UL code, would
you mind opening an RFE to have that evaluated more systematically? Or
do you insist on a point fix here and now?

Although highly unlikely, one could argue my patch here might defer the
strdup to a point in time where the first ever logging attempted is in 
response to a native OOM situation, which might be making a crash ever
so slightly more possible. While far-fetched, it is an argument for
pre-emptively addressing this here an now.



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