RFR(S): 8221342: [TESTBUG] Generate Dockerfile for docker testing

Nick Gasson nick.gasson at arm.com
Wed Mar 27 02:49:44 UTC 2019

Hi Misha,

On 26/03/2019 09:06, mikhailo.seledtsov at oracle.com wrote:
> I will see if I can get help testing this change on non-x64 platforms.

Sorry for replying late to this. I tested this patch on AArch64 and it 
works fine except I had to change the Docker image from "aarch64/ubuntu" 
to "arm64v8/ubuntu". According to [1] aarch64/ubuntu is deprecated and 
hasn't been updated since Ubuntu 16.04 so the glibc version was too old 
to run the JDK image I'd built.

I'll open a separate JBS to update the default image for AArch64.


[1] https://hub.docker.com/r/aarch64/ubuntu

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