RFR: 8250598: Hyper-V is detected in spite of running on host OS

Florian Weimer fweimer at redhat.com
Mon Jul 27 08:42:20 UTC 2020

* Yasumasa Suenaga:

> The current code reports Hyper-V even if it is running on native OS
> (root partition - not a guest OS).  In root partition, bit 31 is
> always 1 and Hyper-V is always reported (CPUID always returns
> "Microsoft Hv")
> To avoid this problem, the new code would check with WMI whether it is
> running on Virtual Machine or not.

But isn't it correct to say that the OS is running under virtualization
in this case?  It is running on a hypervisor, and not bare metal, after

The KVM model, where you can run on the virtualization host itself
(pretty much like bare metal), is somewhat unusual and not even
supported directly by all CPU architectures.  Not all hypervisors use
this model.


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