follow-up to 8241294: Examine input checking in ClassLoader::package_from_class_name

Andrey Petushkov andrey.petushkov at
Mon Jun 8 15:20:06 UTC 2020

Dear Claes, All,

one question related to the subject. Even though it's considered
legitimate for the method to accept '['s at the start of the input
IMHO the check for subsequent 'L' is wrong and the related comment is

JLS does not prohibit class and package names to start from capital L,
so it's unclear why arrays of those, and only those (considering these
appear here in internal form) being banned?

Moreover, given that this function is widely used it's even more
important that if there is some internal special case which passes
such forms as argument it's better to be clearly documented, instead
of saying false things like "Fully qualified class names should not
contain a 'L'." (1).

However this this code seem to pass quite number of editorials by
different people and still has the same check. So there might be a
reason. Given that may I ask for kind clarification of the matter?

Thank you,


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