RFR(S)[16]: 8246477: add whitebox support for deflating idle monitors

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at oracle.com
Wed Jun 17 16:30:42 UTC 2020


I have a fix for cleaning up testing support for deflating idle monitors.

JDK-8246477 add whitebox support for deflating idle monitors

This project is based on jdk-16+1 and is targeted to JDK16.

Here's the webrev URL:


Summary of the changes:

- Add whitebox support for deflating idle monitors including
   ObjectSynchronizer::request_deflate_idle_monitors(); includes
   a new whitebox test.
- Drop ObjectSynchronizer::_is_special_deflation_requested flag,
   functions and uses.
- Switch to ObjectSynchronizer::request_deflate_idle_monitors() as needed.
- bug fix: _last_async_deflation_time_ns should be set at the end of
   async deflation.

Because this fix is removing support for special deflation requests,
I'm doing Mach5 Tier[1-8] testing:

   Tier[1-3] - almost done, 5 unrelated, known failures
   Tier4     - done - 1 unrelated, known failure
   Tier5     - done - no failures
   Tier6     - almost done, 1 unrelated, known failure
   Tier7     - almost done, 1 unrelated, known failure
   Tier8     - > half done, 3 unrelated, known failures (so far)

The Mach5 testing is taking longer than usual due to resource limitations.
So far all failures are known to be in the baseline. There have been no
test failures related to not deflating an idle monitor in a timely fashion
(so far).

Thanks, in advance, for comments, questions or suggestions.


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