RFR 8239782: CC_INTERP is only used by Zero interpreter

Chris Phillips ChrisPhi at LGonQn.Org
Wed Jun 24 17:24:33 UTC 2020

Hi Coleen,

On 2020-06-23 16:35, coleen.phillimore at oracle.com wrote:
> Including build-dev.
> On 6/23/20 12:17 AM, David Holmes wrote:
>> Hi Coleen,
>> Cleanup is looking good but a few comments:
>> - if the bytecodeInterpreter is also zero-only can we rename its files
>> too? (I really find it hard to figure out which files are really
>> needed/used for a given build.)
> You're right that bytecodeInterpreter* files in the interpreter
> directory always confuses everybody.  So I moved them to
> src/hotspot/share/interpreter/zero.  I also fixed the build to not build
> that directory unless you're building zero.
> I removed a few more unnecessary #includes.
>> - you are excluding shared templateInterpreter*.* from the zero build so
>> "#ifndef ZERO" is always true in those files.
> The templateInterpreter header files still need #ifndef ZERO because
> they can be transitively included in interpreter.hpp.  I removed #ifndef
> ZERO from the .cpp files only.
>> - are the platform specific templateInterpreter* files already
>> excluded from a zero build? Otherwise they should be added to the
>> exclude list.
> They are already excluded because zero doesn't build those platform files.
>> - how were you able to completely delete:
>>   - src/hotspot/share/interpreter/cppInterpreter.cpp
>>   - src/hotspot/share/interpreter/cppInterpreterGenerator.cpp
>> ?
> I inlined them into the cpu/zero/*_zero versions.
> So the additional changes to move the bytecodeInterpreter* and zero
> files to a zero directory are here.  I didn't want to move them to the
> cpu/zero directory because they are not analogs to the other cpu files.
> incremental:http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~coleenp/2020/8239782.02.incr/webrev/index.html
> full: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~coleenp/2020/8239782.02/webrev/
> Tested with tier1 on Oracle platforms and zero product and fastdebug
> build.  CC'ing Adrian who works on Zero, can you comment on this patch?
> Thanks,
> Coleen
>> Thanks,
>> David
>> ----
>> On 23/06/2020 1:36 am, coleen.phillimore at oracle.com wrote:
>>> Summary: Change CC_INTERP conditional to ZERO and remove in places
>>> where unnecessary. Fix build to exclude compilers and rename
>>> CppInterpreter to ZeroInterpreter. The "C++ Interpreter" has been
>>> removed from the code a while ago.
>>> The motivation is to remove CC_INTERP conditionals from common code
>>> for the most part.  The C++ interpreter used to work with C1 and C2. 
>>> Some of the hooks are still present (can be cleaned out or
>>> implemented correctly later) but I removed some other unconditionally
>>> false code in order to remove interactions with common code.  Also it
>>> appeared that Zero was creating method counters when it was never
>>> using them.  I removed this too, hoping it would make zero faster,
>>> but nope, it's still slow.
>>> I also renamed cppInterpreter and CppInterpreter to zeroInterpreter
>>> and ZeroInterpreter, respectively, and moved some code to cpu/zero.
>>> Thus ends pass 10? of cleaning up this code.
>>> Tested with tier1 on Oracle platforms and built these:
>>> linux-arm32,linux-ppc64le-debug,linux-s390x-debug,linux-x64-zero,linux-x64-zero-debug.
>>> If you work on Zero, can you give this a test run with your favorite
>>> platform and review?
>>> open webrev at
>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~coleenp/2020/8239782.01/webrev
>>> bug link https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8239782
>>> Thanks,
>>> Coleen

I have gone through the changes also, and they look great. But agree
that it would be good if Adrian Glaubitz or someone at Debian could test
these in their test pool.

Unfortunately I don't know who to suggest.

Chris Phi

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