OpenJDK extension to AArch64 and Windows

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu Jun 25 16:29:54 UTC 2020

On 25/06/2020 17:04, Andrew Hughes wrote:
> As I've commented on the bug [0], I don't think a new project is
> necessary to provide OS support for an architecture port, when the port
> already has its own project (aarch64-port), and the developers involved
> in adding support are already working with the people involved in said
> project. After all, the ppc-aix-port project seems to have branched out
> quite happily beyond AIX ;-)
> A JEP does seem appropriate though, so the work is listed in the release
> notes of the next JDK release.
Yes, I think a JEP would be good to have so that this port gets onto the 
technical roadmap. I can't imagine it being more than one page to 
describe the "feature" and maybe the testing. There are several other 
JEPs for ports so some of the text can be re-used. JEPs are great for 
capturing decisions and other information that might be useful to 
maintainers down the road. Also helps to get a bit of exposure as many 
developers and bloggers only pick up on the JEPs in a release (and 
ignore the hundreds of other features).


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