Integrated: 8272480: Remove Mutex::access rank

Coleen Phillimore coleenp at
Fri Aug 27 13:54:33 UTC 2021

On Wed, 25 Aug 2021 18:46:32 GMT, Coleen Phillimore <coleenp at> wrote:

> This change removes the 'access' rank since the last oop access lock has been removed (Shared_DirtyCardQ_lock).  It might make sense to have a very low level access lock for oops but it should be added along with locks that might be introduced at that time, so that the rank is in the right place.
> With this I moved tty back down in the rank hierarchy and added stackwatermark ranks.  The latter is above tty, not below, and other locks like Service_lock are taken while holding the stackwatermark lock.  There's one tty-1 ranked lock that is actually taken while the tty lock is held.
> I moved MonitorDeflation_lock back to special rank because its low level was just copied from Service_lock, but that's not needed.
> With this I removed most of the out-of-date comment above the rank enum.  New comment to follow in future RFE.
> Tested with tier1-6.

This pull request has now been integrated.

Changeset: b92214a8
Author:    Coleen Phillimore <coleenp at>
Stats:     46 lines in 5 files changed: 12 ins; 16 del; 18 mod

8272480: Remove Mutex::access rank

Reviewed-by: dholmes, eosterlund



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