<i18n dev> [loc-en-dev] variant field casing

Masayoshi Okutsu Masayoshi.Okutsu at Sun.COM
Tue Aug 11 06:08:34 PDT 2009

On 8/10/2009 11:46 AM, Yoshito Umaoka wrote:
> Sorry for slow response.  I was taking a vacation.

No problem.

>> Let me ask another question. If you do:
>> Locale locale = new 
>> Locale.Builder().setLanguage("es").setRegion("ES").setVariant("Traditional_WIN").create(); 
>> System.out.println(locale.getVariant());
>> what will that produce? ("Traditional_WIN" is an example from the 
>> Locale API doc.)
> The idea is to throw an exception for variant "Traditional_WIN" and 
> clearly document that builder only accept variant value(s) which 
> satisfy the BCP47 variant syntax.

What if someone wants to use ISO Language Code "he" without making 
changes to variant names? The current code might be:

  Locale locale = new Locale("iw", "IL", "MyVariant");

Then, the user might want to change this one to:

  Locale locale = new Locale.Builder().setLanguage("he")....setVariant("MyVariant").create();

But if the new one throws an exception, the user needs to stay with "iw".

I think we need to have a separate variant to allow users to migrate 
from the constructor to the Locale.Builder without changing other things.


> -Yoshito

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