<i18n dev> Now what?

Tom Christiansen tchrist at perl.com
Tue Jan 25 11:42:52 PST 2011

That concludes my discoveries, analysis, and remediations related 
to j.u.r.Pattern's conformance with tr18's Level 1 requirements.

I would be interested in guidance toward how I can best help you
now that all that is done.

Would you all like some time to absorb and digest this set of
writings from me?  I realize some have been rather detailed.

Or would you like me to continue with other areas I have observed 
where I feel Java could stand some improvement in how it deals with 
Unicode?  These are not regular expression matters, but other ones.

Sherman, if you do end up generating any RFEs out of all this, I 
would very much appreciate it if you could please tell me their 
IDs so that I might track them for myself in the coming years.

I still worry that I have caused offence through ignorant heavy-
handedness or a mischosen turn of phrase.  Please have patience
with me if I have, because I promise that no offence was intended.
I really want only to help make the Java platform a better one
for everyone.

Thank you very very much for listening to me.  


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