<i18n dev> UTS18 clarifications

Tom Christiansen tchrist at perl.com
Wed Jan 26 12:21:58 PST 2011

Mark wrote:

> We are coming up to a quarterly Unicode Technical Committee meeting
> (starting Feb 7), so there is the opportunity to make requests / proposals
> about UTS18. In particular, if there are areas of the spec that are unclear
> or features that people would like to see added or changed, a proposal can
> be submitted. Such a proposal could take the form of a simple request for
> clarification, such as:
>     The text ... is unclear; it could mean X or Y; could this be clarified?
> Or it could have a proposed disposition, such as:
>     The text ... is unclear; it could mean X or Y; I recommend
>     that the wording be changed to be explicitly X, because of
>     the following reasons....

> Proposals can be submitted on http://www.unicode.org/reporting.html.
> It is best if different topics be in different proposals.


Unless you have come around to Mark's view on this, I believe
we should request a clarification of RL1.1 Hex Notation.  If so,
would you care to do submit the request, or shall I?

Also, might you like anything in requirement RL1.2a clarified?
It seems to me there is at least one point there that could use
some tightening up, namely the \w and \b relation which is only
made clear upon reading further in tr18.  Anything else?



    PS: I'll be out of touch for the next ~30 hours on family matters.

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