<i18n dev> RL1.1 Hex Notation

Xueming Shen xueming.shen at Oracle.COM
Thu Jan 27 13:54:53 PST 2011

On 01/27/2011 12:48 PM, Tom Christiansen wrote:
> Sherman wrote:
>> Oh, I see the problem. Obviously I have been working on jdk7 too long
>> and forgot the latest release is still 6:-( There is indeed a bug in
>> the previous implementation which I fixed in 7 long time ago (I
>> mentioned this in one of the early emails but was not specific, my
>> apology), probably should backport to 6 update release asap. The test
>> case runs well (the "failures" in literals are expected)
> Could you please elaborate a bit on that?  Code points specified by
> value are not to be re-evaluated for pattern-syntax senses ("meta-
> ness").  Could you please show one sample string and one sample regex
> containing a "\\uXXXX" mention that you expect to fail?  There should
> be no failures at all when doing that.

Mark's LITERALS test is something like this

           String s = new StringBuilder().appendCodePoint(i).toString();
           String target = "a" + s + "b";
           Failures.LITERALS.checkMatch(i, "a" + s + "b", target);

In which it does not escape those meta characters.  Some are simply because
of the PatternSyntaxException, such as "a[b" as a pattern, some are just not
matching, pattern a*b against the string "a*b". This "LITERALS" here 
has nothing to do with our hex notation discussion.

I will go through the other half of your email later, have something 
else to finish.


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