<i18n dev> [8] Review request for JEP 127: Improve Locale Data Packaging and Adopt Unicode CLDR Data

Steven R. Loomis srl at icu-project.org
Tue Aug 14 11:43:24 PDT 2012

On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 10:53 AM, Naoto Sato <naoto.sato at oracle.com> wrote:

> Hi Steven,
> I'll leave the implementation part discussion of the parser to Masayoshi,
> but one of the main reasons we used the internally existing parser was
> mainly the adaptation work that would be required to port CLDR's parser
> into the JDK. In this regard, I briefly had a chat with Yoshito a while
> ago, and he mentioned someone was working on a filter mechanism on CLDR
> tool that could emit JDK style format. That may be promising and worth
> considering in the future release of JDK.

Thanks. Is there a need to put the parser itself (and data) into the JDK ?
I noticed some discussion of licensing.  Would it not be sufficient to
ensure that the CLDR tools could generate JDK format data, and check the
output of that into the JDK?  Then you wouldn't need the xml itself in the
JDK (other than, of course, storing it for your own archival purposes)


> Naoto
> On 8/13/12 10:25 PM, Steven R. Loomis wrote:
>> Naoto,
>>   okay, thought I was done for the night, but just two more things..
>> - again on the "talk to us" category.. Sun already wrote one LDML
>> converter, and contributed to another. They're part of the CLDR toolset
>> and
>> work with OOo and Solaris data.
>> - also, it appears that the new converter doesn't handle aliases at all,
>> or
>> parentLocales. You're guaranteed to get the wrong answer.
>> - Some of the processing (such as for Norwegian) and in other places seems
>> to be very .. hardcoded and fragile.
>> - Are you aware of the fact that CLDR 22 is nearly released? Has there
>> been
>> any testing with the interim data, or any plans to do so?
>> I think the summary again is, talk to us.  Where "us" is the CLDR
>> technical
>> committee.
>> Regards,
>> Steven
>> On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 9:58 PM, Steven R. Loomis <srl at icu-project.org
>> >wrote:
>>  Hello,
>>>   Some questions,
>>>   - Is there a reason that a new parser was written, rather than leverage
>>> the existing CLDR tools (which are themselves written in Java)?  (I've
>>> already suggested discussion with the CLDR-TC.. I know I've been
>>> personally
>>> more than a bit sparse, but, you know where we 'live')
>>>   - It's incorrect to specifically open, for example,
>>> common/supplemental/**numberingSystems.xml
>>> ( NUMBERING_SOURCE_FILE ) . You should not rely on the specific
>>> organization. See Appendix C of TR35, however, I filed
>>> http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/**ticket/5189<http://unicode.org/cldr/trac/ticket/5189>to clarify the situation.
>>> More later when I get a chance, but definitely good work here.
>>> Steven
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>>> Hello,
>>> Please review the JDK8 changes for JEP 127: Improve Locale Data
>>> Packaging and Adopt Unicode CLDR Data
>>> (http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/**127 <http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/127>).
>>> The webrev is located at:
>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~**naoto/6336885/webrev.00/<http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~naoto/6336885/webrev.00/>

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