<i18n dev> Incorrect TimeZone display name when DST not applicable / disabled

Masayoshi Okutsu masayoshi.okutsu at oracle.com
Thu May 24 00:48:53 PDT 2012

As I stated before, your proposed fix is good because Windows XP doesn't 
use the Dynamic DST data.


On 5/24/2012 2:53 PM, Deven You wrote:
> Hi masayoshi,
> Could you review Yoshito and my replies and see if it is good to you?
> Thanks a lot!
> On 05/17/2012 11:04 AM, Deven You wrote:
>> Hi Masayoshi,
>> I think the workaround is good,  but many customers may not know this 
>> fact and when they need change the timezone, they just select another 
>> time zone which does not support DST and ignore that the auto-adjust 
>> option should be checked first.
>> To Yoshito, thanks for your information!
>> On 05/17/2012 12:18 AM, Yoshito Umaoka wrote:
>>>> I thought Windows XP might (internally) use the Dynamic DST data in 
>>>> the Time Zones registry for supporting any DST rule changes, 
>>>> because Dynamic DST was introduced for the US DST rule change IIRC. 
>>>> But as far as I tested, XP seems to ignore Dynamic DST data. If 
>>>> that's the case, your proposed fix should be good.
>>> As far as I know, the dynamic DST data is used by Windows Vista/2003 
>>> server or later Windows versions.
>>> The registry data for dynamic DST is included in Windows XP time 
>>> zone updates, but not used by Windows XP.
>>> -Yoshito

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