<i18n dev> The right procedure to create and distrinute a resource bundle for a missing language

USHAKOV, Sergey s-n-ushakov at yandex.ru
Tue Apr 5 04:57:58 UTC 2016


I have got a sort of legal question regarding resource bundles.

OpenJDK offers internationalized resources for quite a number of 
languages, but there are more languages out there :)

Now let's imagine an application programmer who writes a commercial 
application to be used with some unsupported human language. There is no 
problem for this programmer to create localized resources for all the 
stuff of his own. But what can one do with standard dialogs?

All the standard messages in English are available in the OpenJDK, and 
there is no big deal in translating them into any other language. So our 
programmer might do his job by creating a new resource bundle and adding 
it to his application, but:
- Oracle BCL explicitly prohibits adding anything to packages starting 
with"sun", "java", etc
- OpenJDK is issued under GPLv2+CE, and classpath exception is said to 
be only applicable to files that mention this exception in their header, 
and none of the resource bundle files seem to mention this exception.

So the only legal option for this developer is to add his new resource 
to OpenJDK sources and make a customized OpenJDK build of his own. And 
then distribute this customized build along with his application to make 
users happy... Looks legal, but slightly insane imho... :)

So is anything wrong in my narration?

What is the intended approach for the application programmers to follow 
to get standard dialogs localized per their needs?

Any comments are most welcome...

Sergey Ushakov

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