<i18n dev> The procedure to get the list of supported languages/locales extended

USHAKOV, Sergey s-n-ushakov at yandex.ru
Sat Apr 9 04:00:26 UTC 2016


Oracle JDK and OpenJDK offer internationalized resources for quite a 
number of languages, but there are more languages out there.

There is no big deal for an enthusiastic bilingual programmer in 
translating JDK resource bundles into any other language.

Then the question comes how this new bundle might be incorporated into 

The main i18n page here ( http://openjdk.java.net/groups/i18n/ ) does 
contain instructions for making a custom OpenJDK build with extra locale 
support, but this procedure yields just a single build, only known to 
its author, and with no long-time support...

Is there a procedure for OpenJDK to get the list of supported languages 
extended, and corresponding resource bundles incorporated into the main 

Any ideas and/or references are most welcome...

Thanks and best regards,
Sergey Ushakov

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