<i18n dev> RFR 9 7131356 : (props) "No Java runtime present, requesting install" when creating VM from JNI [macosx]

Naoto Sato naoto.sato at oracle.com
Mon Jun 13 21:43:03 UTC 2016

Hi Brent,

On 6/13/16 1:58 PM, Brent Christian wrote:
> Apple suggested changing the JDK initialization order so any access to
> JRS happens only after the JLI_MemAlloc symbol is available.  We believe
> a better solution is to re-implement the JSR APIs in question, as a move
> toward eventually dropping reliance on JSR altogether.  The three main
> changes are:
> 1. In "getMacOSXLocale", re-implement "JRSCopyPrimaryLanguage" using
> "CFLocaleCopyPreferredLanguages", which gives us the preferred language
> as set in "System Preferences"->"Language & Text"->"Language" in the
> form of "xx" (ie. just the language code - ex. "en", "fr", etc.).  The
> original Apple code then calls into
> "JRSCopyCanonicalLanguageForPrimaryLanguage" to map "language" into
> "language_REGION" (ex. "en"-->"en_US", "fr"-->"fr_FR", etc.), though
> this appears to be unnecessary.  Following the call to
> setupMacOSXLocale() in ParseLocale()[1], mapLookup() is called to map
> the language to a default country, per this comment:
>      * If the locale name (without .encoding at variant, if any) matches
>      * any of the names in the locale_aliases list, map it to the
>      * corresponding full locale name.  Most of the entries in the
>      * locale_aliases list are locales that include a language name but
>      * no country name, and this facility is used to map each language
>      * to a default country if that's possible.
> I tried out a few locales, for English (en_US, en_GB), German (de_DE,
> de_CH) and French (fr_FR, fr_CA).  Language/country system properties
> behave the same before and after this change, as does the
> java.util.Locale test attached to the bug.

So does this mean the new code will not honor the "Region" in the OSX's 
system preference? For example, what happens if the user sets "UK" for 
the "Region" in the preference, then the new code return "US" for the 

Also, the array index "2" to assume the language length is 2 is not 
correct, as there are three letter language codes. So the code should 
literally look for "-" instead.


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