<i18n dev> RFR 9 7131356 : (props) "No Java runtime present, requesting install" when creating VM from JNI [macosx]

Brent Christian brent.christian at oracle.com
Tue Jun 14 16:35:21 UTC 2016

On 6/13/16 4:20 PM, Brent Christian wrote:
> On 13/06/2016 14:43, Naoto Sato wrote:
>> Also, the array index "2" to assume the language length is 2 is not
>> correct, as there are three letter language codes. So the code should
>> literally look for "-" instead.
> Great, thanks.  I will fix that.

FYI, there will be a little more to this.  Some language IDs include a 
script ID: a four-character code separated from the main language 
designator by a '-'.  ("zh-Hans" for Simplified Chinese, for instance).
In this case, the '-' at index 2 should be left alone.  See [1].



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