<i18n dev> Turkish Time Zone name string and translation

Yang, Letu letuyang at amazon.com
Fri Nov 15 23:19:46 UTC 2019


We recently found an issue with the Time Zone name for “Europe/Istanbul” and "Asian/Istanbul". Since Turkey moved to their own Turkish Time (TRT) zone in 2016, although the tzdata had been updated, the Time Zone name string has not been updated yet:


It still returns "Eastern European Time" for the TimeZone.getDisplayName call, which has a summer time while Turkish Time does not. An entry for TRT need to be added to this file, and assign to both "Europe/Istanbul" and "Asian/Istanbul". This also need to be updated for other locales. I can create a JBS issue for this, but I am not sure whether we should fix this bug, or there is an existing procedure for this kind of bug which requires language translation.


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