Modularity in Java SE 8

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Fri Sep 14 14:00:53 PDT 2012

IBM agrees with the deferral of full runtime modularity support to Java 9. 
However we would still like to see visible progress during Java 8 
timescales over defining the metadata format and starting to define module 
boundaries, via a broader participation in OpenJDK as well as creation of 
a modularity JSR. We all agree that modularity will be a disruptive 
technology, so taking actions early that start to guide developers into 
the modular world will be beneficial. We should not assume that it can be 
achieved over a single release. Runtime enforcement can wait for Java 9 
but other changes and definitions can and should continue in Java 8. 

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2012/7/17 8:57 -0700, mark.reinhold at
> ...
> I therefore propose to defer the addition of a module system and the
> modularization of the Platform to Java SE 9.  This is by no means a
> pleasant choice, but I think it's preferable to delaying Java SE 8 until
> the modularity work is complete.

I'd like to reach a decision on this issue by this time next week
(Thursday 2012/9/6).

EG members -- Please indicate your agreement or disagreement with this
proposal, or else explain what further information or discussion you
think is needed.

- Mark

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