JEP-161 - request to include java.awt.datatransfer in compact3 profile

Giorgis, Dan (Tridium) dgiorgis at
Wed Feb 13 12:33:32 PST 2013

Followup to my post "JEP-161 questions" on the jdk8-dev list:

I would like the Java SE group to consider adding java.awt.transfer to the compact3 (or smaller) profile.

We make use of the JavaMail library in our embedded devices.  This requires JAF (javax.activation), which in turn requires java.awt.datatransfer. 

Reply on jdk8-dev from Alan Bateman:
>Web Services (the main reason that the Java Activation Framework is included in Java SE) is clearly a >discussion point as it may be important for some embedded server deployments. Ultimately it's up to the >Java SE 8 JSR of course but one could envisage including the web services stack. You are right that this >would mean including java.awt.datatransfer to avoid incompatible changes to JAF. The good news is that >java.awt.datatransfer doesn't have API dependencies so it can be isolated (with some implementation >changes).

Dan Giorgis

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