Mandatary nature of standard Java SE modules

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Wed Apr 26 21:00:41 UTC 2017

2017/3/28 6:09:07 -0700, volker.simonis at
> in a previous conversation (see below) I objected the wording in the
> "Goals" section which stated that "standard modules that are part of
> the Java SE Platform Specification" are "mandatory in every Platform
> Implementation". You agreed and removed that sentence from the latest
> 'public review' version of the specification.
> While digging deeper into the specification, I found a similar phrase
> in subsection 4 of the "Design principles" section which states that
> "If a standard module is a Java SE module, i.e., is mandated by this
> Specification, then it must not export any non-SE API packages, at
> least not without qualification".
> I think the subsentence ".. i.e., is mandated by this Specification
> .." should be removed because the specification doesn't mandate all
> Java SE modules.

You're right again; thanks for pointing this out.  We'll fix this in
the Proposed Final Draft.

- Mark

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