Java SE 9 (JSR 379) Proposed Final Draft

Iris Clark iris.clark at
Tue Jul 25 04:17:23 UTC 2017

The draft of the Proposed Final Draft (PFD) Specification is available here:

The biggest changes since PR are in Section 7, "Modules", which contains the
recently-discussed text for conformance and upgradeable modules, and the
addition of Annex 5 containing the complete Java SE 9 API Specification.

This draft includes the following changes:

    - Spec, Section 4: Add references to specific Maintenance Releases to JSRs
      222, 224, and 925.

    - Spec, Section 7: New text per discussion, including subsections for
      constraints, relaxing strong encapsulation, overriding module
      declarations, and upgradeable modules.  This draft includes some of the
      suggestions that Tim sent earlier today; there may be additional minor
      changes after further discussion.

    - Spec, Section 9: Add subsection for removal of LambdaMetafactory default

    - Spec, Section 10: Add "" aggregator module to list of modules
      proposed for removal.

    - Annex 1, 3: Updates based on development since PR.

    - Annex 2: Diffs against recent build 179 promotion.

    - Annex 5: New - Java SE 9 API Specification.

I plan to submit this to the JCP PMO as the formal Proposed Final Draft next
week.  Please let me know by 23:59 UTC next Monday, 31 July, if you think any
changes are required.


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