Java SE general and spec comments.

A Z poweruserm at
Wed May 2 07:18:17 UTC 2018

To who it does concern,

1)  I notice that neither the Java SE 8, 10 or 11 specs
do not yet include JEP 306.  I believe that it should be included,
certainly for version 11 Java.

Java floating point probably needs to be enhanced in place.
Certainly given library code that presumes a lack of
floating point underflow or underflow;


is an example in case.

2)  None of the JEPS seem to include anything about adding
at least operator syntax support for
any classes or types that are as BigInteger or BigDecimal.

3) There isn't an algebraic transcendental function library,
equivalent to StrictMath, for BigDecimal
(and therefore BigInteger too)  supporting operators
upon and thereby those types, under Abritrary precision.

4) BigDecimal and BigInteger aren't truly Arbitrary Precision,
pro-extensible, in terms of precision subject only
to jvm accessible memory.

For the sake of Java, the JCP, robust, clear and useful coding

(Anonymous University Degree Graduate Java Programmer.)

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