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Andrew Haley aph at
Thu Nov 9 19:10:03 UTC 2017

On 09/11/17 17:20, Kim Jensen wrote:

> But, and here it comes... The announcement from Oracle stated that
> Java 8 is EOL in September 2018, Java 9 is EOL in March 2018.

That's Oracle's proprietary binary release of Java 8.  OpenJDK 8 will go on
after that.

> First LTS release is coming in September 2018, and as Short term
> releases only have support for 6 months, it means that there will be
> a period of 0 months to complete migrating from Java 8 to Java
> 18.9LTS. Migrating to Java 9 & Java 18.3 is not something our
> customers are willing to pay for, as it means 3 migrations rather
> than 1. And as we have seem, Java 8 to Java 9 is not a trivial
> upgrade. Loads of libraries are not working and I still have not
> seen what Java EE vendors will support or not.
> So, simply put. Is it possible to get a word, that there will be a
> transition period from Java 8 to Java 18.9LTS, so it is possible to
> migrate without our customers loosing support ?

We will support OpenJDK 8 until October 2020.  We always make our
updates publicly available in the appropriate OpenJDK projects.

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