JEP proposed to target JDK 12: 325: Switch Expressions (Preview)

Roman Kennke roman at
Mon Aug 27 23:46:55 UTC 2018

> 2018/8/17 10:44:29 -0700, mark.reinhold at
>> The following JEP is proposed to target JDK 12:
>>   325: Switch Expressions (Preview)
>> Feedback on this proposal is more than welcome, as are reasoned
>> objections.  If no such objections are raised by 23:00 UTC on Friday,
>> 24 August, or if they’re raised and then satisfactorily answered, then
>> per the JEP 2.0 process proposal [1] I’ll target this JEP to JDK 12.
> The few objections raised here are not new, having already been raised
> and answered over on the amber-dev and amber-spec-experts lists.  I’ve
> therefore targeted this JEP to JDK 12.

I am not following amber-dev nor amber-spec-experts. I found the
objections raised here very reasonable, in particular the objection to
not include a controversial feature as 'preview' which would then
manifest itself by people using it. I can't see that those objections
have been 'satisfactorily answered'. If they have been satisfactorily
answered on any of the amber-* mailing lists, maybe it would be worth to
repeat that here for those of use who don't follow those lists. I'd find
an answer satisfactory if those who raised it agree and state here that
they're ok. In particular, I don't actually see any need to include a
half-baked (language-) feature as preview.


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