Using Intellij IDEA with current JDK

Maurizio Cimadamore maurizio.cimadamore at
Wed Jan 17 21:15:55 UTC 2018

Hi Andrew,
this is a bug in IntelliJ - not sure if it's already fixed in the latest 
version - you might want to try to update in case you have not done it.

The reason is that IntelliJ used to check for the presence of javah to 
see if a JDK home was valid - since javah was removed [1], that 
detection started to act up.

One workaround is to put an empty file called 'javah' in your JDK bin 
folder :-)


On 17/01/18 16:15, Andrew Haley wrote:
> I now always get "The selected directory is not a valid home for JDK".
> when selecting the JDK home directory.
> Does anybody have any idea how to persuade IDEA that we need to work
> on the current top-of-tree JDK?  Thanks.

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