JEP proposed to target JDK 11: 318: Epsilon: An Arbitrarily Low-Overhead Garbage Collector

Aleksey Shipilev shade at
Thu Jan 18 11:10:21 UTC 2018

On 01/18/2018 10:26 AM, Erik Österlund wrote:
> On 2018-01-18 10:12, Stefan Johansson wrote:
>> On 2018-01-17 10:43, Aleksey Shipilev wrote:
>>> name. So, as long as there is no overwhelming amount of strong opinions against it, I'd keep the
>>> name as is.
>> I'm with Charlie here, I think -XX:+UseNoGC would be better and much more descriptive name for
>> this feature.
> This is not a garbage collector, because it does not collect garbage. It is an allocator. Therefore,
> I also think the -XX:+UseNoGC name is more descriptive.

All right, I added -XX:+UseNoGC as the alias option to the current development patch:

I still believe the purpose for this thread is not about getting tangled up in implementation
details and bikeshedding. We would decide which alias to drop later. Makes everyone happy at the moment?


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