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jesper.wilhelmsson at oracle.com jesper.wilhelmsson at oracle.com
Wed Jan 24 13:21:40 UTC 2018

Hi Volker,

> The FAQ says:
> Q: If all the tests pass, will my change be automatically be pushed to
> the main-line JDK repo?
> A: No. You'll need to do that yourself.
> So what does that mean. If I have a hotspot change and all the tests
> pass, am I now allowed to push that myself ?

This is not a complete answer, but I'm working on it.

Currently the set of tests run in JDK submit does not include all the HotSpot tests that we run on all pushes in jdk/hs. My hope is that we will be able to sync that going forward to make the JDK submit more useful for HotSpot developers.

Internally we do no longer use the JPRT pre-commit test system that some may have heard of in the past. Instead we use post-commit continuous integration (CI) that is running several tiers of tests. This is one step closer to allowing non-Oracle Contributors to push HotSpot code directly. Once the JDK submit runs all required HotSpot CI tiers we will be almost there.

> If the answer is "yes", there's still the problem that hotspot changes
> should go into jdk/hs but the submit repo mirrors jdk/jdk so what I've
> tested in the submit repo might be slightly different from what I will
> actually push.

This is another problem. I'm trying to enable more frequent integrations between jdk/jdk and jdk/hs, but currently there is up to a week delay in getting changes from hs to jdk. Again it is a question of when and where we run different HotSpot tiers.

You could pull the latest HotSpot changes into your branch before sending it to JDK submit I guess.


> If the answer is "no", than when will we finally get there ?
> The other question applies for changes which touch any of the
> configure files and require the re-generation of
> generated-configure.sh. If such a change passes all tests in the
> submit repo, can I push it into the jdk/jdk myself or do I still need
> a sponsor?
> Thank you and best regards,
> Volker
>> - Mark

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