Verify error in hg:jdk/jdk -- repository now READ-ONLY

Iris Clark iris.clark at
Wed Jul 24 23:02:22 UTC 2019


hg:jdk/jdk is now open and verifies.  Even if your local repository is
corrupt, you may continue using it.  The corruption does not propagate
via pushes, since changeset IDs are unchanged.

I strongly advise everybody to at least understand whether their local
repositories are corrupt.  The following shows the output of the `hg
verify` command for a corrupt repository:
  $ hg verify
  checking changesets
  checking manifests
  crosschecking files in changesets and manifests
  checking files
   test/langtools/jdk/javadoc/doclet/testLinkOption/ at 55761: f7fb5d9b7490 not in manifests
  184109 files, 55795 changesets, 479538 total revisions
  1 integrity errors encountered!
  (first damaged changeset appears to be 55761)

If you want to work with a repository which verifies, you should do a
fresh clone of hg:jdk/jdk.  Confident users can create a new repository
by cloning the corrupt repository up to the damaged changeset (`hg clone
-r 55760 corrupt fixed`) and then pulling the remaining changesets from
hg:jdk/jdk (hg pull -u).

Thank you for your patience.


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I’ve made the hg:jdk/jdk repository READ-ONLY. 

A verify error which was discovered in the repository and we’d like
to ensure that no further changesets are pushed as a solution is investigated. 



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