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I hereby nominate Richard Reingruber (rrich) to JDK Project Reviewer.

Richard is a long-time member of the Java VM Team at SAP and has
contributed over 30 changes to the JDK project[1].

Recently, he has concentrated on JVMTI and compiler optimizations,
improving performance when JVMTI capabilities are required. He
identified and fixed a row of issues with JVMTI. [2]
He has built up a deep knowledge of the various synchronization
mechanisms in the VM and reviewed a row of complex changes
in this area[3].

Before, he has worked on platform ports for SAPs internal JVM.
Among many other, the s390 C1 compiler and template interpreter
in OpenJDK were originally ported by him.
He has worked on improving CMS and did a lot of work on
G1. He implemented the SAP Profiler Tool for G1.

Richard is a very pertinacious engineer solving any problem
that gets into his hands and will be an enrichment for the
OpenJDK as reviewer.

Votes are due by 18:00 GMT on Nov 30th 2020.

Only current JDK Project Reviewers [4] are eligible to vote on this

nomination.  Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing


For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [5].

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[2] 8227745: Enable Escape Analysis for Better Performance in the Presence of JVMTI Agents

8230677: Should disable Escape Analysis if JVMTI capability can_get_owned_monitor_info was taken




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