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On 02.04.2021 19:12, Eric Bresie wrote:
> I’m not sure if this is viable or valuable but thought I would ask the experts.
> With the recent discussion on sun namespaces regarding “JEP: 408: Simple Web Server” this got me wondering if it’s worth the concept of a package namespace “alias” or link to another to another package to ease migration when changing package names.

That could become complicated quite quickly. Consider a security policy 
that provides access permissions based on a fully qualified package 
name. Does the permission still work with the aliased name? Should it 
even, despite its authors asking for something else?

Sometimes the reason for changing names is to reset backwards 
compatibility constrains and expectations. Aliasing would not help with 
that use case, since the new namespace would then have to evolve in 
lockstep with the old one for it to work, and that would not be the 
desired outcome.

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