OpenJDK Patching Process

Ken Heatherly Ken.Heatherly at
Thu Aug 23 13:31:15 UTC 2018

All -

Trying to get a handle on the OpenJDK patching process with recent changes to release methodology and cadence.  With 6 month OpenJDK releases now happening, for what duration will the n-1 version of OpenJDK be patched once the n version is released for GA?  For example, OpenJDK 11 is GA September 25, 2018.  If a security issue is recognized on OpenJDK 10 in October 2018, will a critical patch be created for OpenJDK 10 to address, or will upgrade to Open JDK 11 be required in order to receive the critical update.

Any guidance/direction is appreciated.


Ken Heatherly

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