CSR process for OpenJDK 11 and 8 Updates

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at oracle.com
Fri Jun 21 16:45:30 UTC 2019


On 6/19/2019 12:26 AM, Langer, Christoph wrote:
> Hi Joe, Andrew,
> I’m currently wondering about the status of the CSR process for JDK 
> updates. Do we use the CSR process or not?
> As per previous mailing list discussions [1], I read that that the 
> project lead of 8u and 11u is under the assumption that we are using 
> CSR. However, as per the latest CSRs in that area [2], [3],  I 
> understand that the CSR group lead is under the assumption that Open 
> JDK updates doesn’t use this process and hence these CSRs were pended. 
> Obviously there’s some disconnect here… ��So, what is the current 
> status? Did you already sort this out?
> My personal view is that a CSR process would be beneficial to the JDK 
> updates projects, too.
> In any case, thanks in advance for some guidance on how to handle 
> backports with attached CSRs!

While discussion are on-going, the CSR FAQ does address a common 
situation of how to handle backports and CSRs:

> Q: How should I get CSR review for multiple release trains?
> A: Say you want to get an interface change into JDK N and later decide 
> the change is also desirable and appropriate for the JDK (N-1) update 
> release and that update release is using the CSR process. First a CSR 
> should be created from the main bug targeted at JDK N. Afterward, if a 
> backport of the main bug covering JDK (N-1) does not already exist, a 
> backport of the main bug covering JDK (N-1) should be created. Then, a 
> CSR can be created from that backport.



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