Backporting JDK-8222914 to OpenJDK 11u

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at
Sat Jun 22 21:57:14 UTC 2019


while looking through backport items for 11.0.5, I came across JDK-8222914 [0].

It talks about JDK-8215505 had been backported to 11u and now parts of JDK-8218266 would be needed, too. Unfortunately, JDK-8215505 is a closed bug. The commit for this bug is visible [1] and looking at the code it seems to be worth considering for OpenJDK 11 Updates, too. However, it would be beneficial if JDK-8215505 could be opened up then. Can anybody within Oracle please check and let me know whether this could be done or whether this patch needs to remain closed?



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