How to request multiple backport for 11u?

Yasumasa Suenaga yasuenag at
Mon May 13 10:19:25 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I want to backport changes in below:

   - JDK-8200613
   - JDK-8215342
   - JDK-8219414
   - JDK-8219574
   - JDK-8215026

They are very helpful for crash analysis.
We can apply them straightly to 11u, but they need to apply them
in same time.
Risk is low because these changes affects only to coredump on Linux.
They are covered with serviceability/sa tests.

Can I request them with "jdk11u-fix-request" on JBS?
Or should I create single backport RFR for them?



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