redhat-openjdk labels in JIRA

jesper.wilhelmsson at jesper.wilhelmsson at
Thu May 16 01:42:08 UTC 2019

> On 14 May 2019, at 11:49, Aleksey Shipilev <shade at> wrote:
> On 5/10/19 12:06 AM, jesper.wilhelmsson at wrote:
>>> On 25 Apr 2019, at 18:56, Aleksey Shipilev <shade at> wrote:
>>> If we did it today, we'd probably go for "redhat-interest", as it better captures the intent,
>>> and also aligns with other -interest flags.
>> I agree that using the -interest suffix would better describe the intent, and if possible I would
>> suggest that we continue to use that standard instead of creating a new one that is less
>> informative. I'd be happy to help bulk-update issues with redhat-openjdk to redhat-interest if
>> needed. There are 374 in total. azul-openjdk has only been used on five issues so far so that
>> should not be a problem to change.
> Yeah, we are fine with bulk renaming "redhat-openjdk" to "redhat-interest". This would require tool
> adjustment here and there, but no serious process breakages are expected. If Jesper is willing to
> help us with that, that would be perfect!

I'll run the bulk update tomorrow unless you need to prepare something first.

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