OpenJDK 8u/11u release information

Matthias Klose doko at
Mon May 27 13:34:04 UTC 2019

Hi guys,

until recently we didn't have any source code releases for OpenJDK at all.  I
appreciate the effort to have source releases, however the gap to produce
binaries based on the source release is way to high.  Instead of having a dozen
of configuration options to build a binary, please can we have a default option
which builds consumable packages by default?

OpenJDK doesn't have source releases until recently.  Now we have, and from my
point of view, such a source release should only have a minimal set of
configuration options to build a usable image.  Things I would like to see

- I see it's important to display the version string as the first line
  of java -version.  The source release should set that correctly.

- The OpenJDK source release ships with the vendor set to Oracle.
  Distributors set that to Azul, AdoptJDK, Debian, and probably other
  values.  The binaries built by the OpenJDK itself set that to some
  sort of version string.  An "unknown" vendor causes issue, because some
  software (LibreOffice, Gradle) uses or at least used that to check
  for a valid java installation.

- The version number should be used for both the source release and the
  binary package.  E.g. the 11.0.3 source release is missing the -ga

- To include a package in a Linux distro, you have to use a monotonically
  increasing version number, and you have to follow the versioning
  constraints for the distro.  So sometimes you have to juggle with the
  version numbers.  E.g. for Debian/Ubuntu a second dash is problematic
  for version comparisons.  I consider uploads to a development distro
  as essential, so I have to plan for these version numbers as well.
  Last time when I asked on the mailing lists, people seemed to be fine
  with the versioning, however if needed, we could document such
  versioning on the OpenJDK wiki?

- It would be very helpful to see directly in the binary how the build
  was configured.  GCC is showing this information with
    gcc -v
  Python is showing that with
    python -c 'import sysconfig; print(sysconfig.get_config_var("CONFIG_ARGS"))'
  Or maybe this already exists?

  Usually binaries in a distro come with a changelog, however sometimes
  even that is stripped away by re-distributors of binaries.

- The configure system has some issues with invalid configure arguments, e.g.
  configuring --with-version-build='' leads to a failing build.


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