jdk11u-dev is now switched to 11.0.5

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at sap.com
Thu May 30 21:56:48 UTC 2019


> > The level of bureaucratic overhead in these projects is getting absurd.
> We're
> > going to have to do something about it before we all drown.
> Yes, there is some overhead, it does not make things more
> simple.  You could delegate some tasks.
> E.g.,
>   * I would volunteer to trigger the update of the JBS version
>      For 11 whenever needed.
>   * You could allow to push the version bump without
>      jdk11u-fix-yes tag. It's obvious we need it.
> Further, I would propose that we exclude all changes Oracle
> pushes to their 11.0.x from the tagging if pushed to
> the open 11.0.x (same x!).
> They have already been judged to be good for downport by Oracle.
> The "Fix Request" comment should be added to the change
> nevertheless. This way one can know that a change is being
> worked on.  Maybe we should note in the bug that it is a downport
> that went to Oracle's 11.0.x, so it's clear why it is not tagged.

Those seem good suggestions to me. I also think that you could extend the group of maintainers, that is, people who can approve backports. Andrew (Hughes) is already listed for 8u but 11u could also use additional approvers. However, if you do that, you should give some rules and criteria that the approvers have to follow.

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