FYI: request backports for 8239091, 8238942, 8224109 and 8214481

Mario Torre neugens at
Fri Apr 3 13:02:47 UTC 2020

Hi all,

I marked the bugs in $subject for backport in 11u-dev, they are kind
of related so I would like to backport the full batch in one go if

I'm still thinking if it's a good idea to backport them to 8 too, the
bugs are present though so I may as well do it, but I'll send a
separate mail for this.

There is another reason I send this email though, 8214481 and 8224109
do affect rendering. 8214481 seems mostly harmless but 8224109 does
change the result of the affine transform. The current transform is
wrong though, so I would expect that the ones who noticed would be
happy about getting a fix but if they have workarounds in their code
it will invalidate those, so I understand if we want to only ship
those fixes in a major version and not in an update.


Mario Torre
Associate Manager, Software Engineering
Red Hat GmbH <>
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