[RFR] [13u] 13.0.3+3 / 13.0.3-ga

Yuri Nesterenko yan at azul.com
Wed Apr 15 07:15:17 UTC 2020

Hi all,

after unembargo,there were the changes hold for jdk13u:

 JDK-8231785: Improved socket permissions
 JDK-8236201: Better Scanner conversions
 JDK-8235274: Enhance typing of methods
 JDK-8234841: Enhance buffering of byte buffers
 JDK-8234825: Better Headings for HTTP Servers
 JDK-8234027: Better JCEKS key support
 JDK-8225603: Enhancement for big integers
 JDK-8224541: Better mapping of serial ENUMs
 JDK-8233245: More adaptive sockets
 JDK-8234408: Improve TLS session handling
 JDK-8227542: Manifest improved jar headers
 JDK-8231415: Better signatures in XML
 JDK-8224549: Less Blocking Array Queues
 JDK-8232581: Improve TLS verification
 JDK-8229733: TLS message handling improvements
 JDK-8232424: More constrained algorithms
 JDK-8235691: Enhance TLS connectivity
 JDK-8233250: Better X11 rendering
 JDK-8223904: Improve Nashorn matching
 JDK-8223898: Forward references to Nashorn
 JDK-8227467: Better class method invocations
 JDK-8233410: Better Build Scripting
 JDK-8226346: Build better binary builders
 JDK-8238960: linux-i586 builds are inconsistent as the newly build jdk
is not able to reserve enough space for object heap

For some reason I misunderstood the procedure and pushed them few hours ago: mea culpa!
This set of changes is marked jdk-13.0.3+3.

Is it OK to tag it jdk-13.0.3-ga and merge to jdk13u-dev?

Thank you!

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